School Policies

In an effort to create a positive and safe learning environment, the following school rules apply to all students at Bronx Theatre High School:

  • Students are expected to actively participate in all school activities.
  • Student will treat each other and faculty/staff with mutual respect. Disrespectful and/or discriminatory language is forbidden.
  • Students will attend tutoring sessions as advised by their teachers.
  • Students will dress appropriately for a school environment, with the understanding that they will be involved in a variety of tasks during their school day. These tasks can include painting, set construction, and dance/stage movement. The following items are not appropriate for school: hats, excessive jewelry, risque, revealing or inappropriate clothing.
  • Students will focus their energy on the academic and artistic projects. The following items are a distraction from the task of learning and will be confiscated:
    • Portable radios/disc-man/walkman
    • Beepers or cellular phones
    • Hats
    • Portable games (Nintendo, Gameboys, Genesis) a Dice or playing cards
    • Inappropriate or revealing clothing (clothing for cover-up will be loaned to the student and must be returned the following day. Any items that are not allowed in the school building will be confiscated immediately and given to Debi Effinger.


Students at Bronx Theatre High School must respect the other Kennedy Campus students and staff!

Dress Code

Students must come to school wearing appropriate clothing, which will enable them to work in their classes and studios. Although we support individual personal expression, clothing which is distracting, provocative and not suitable for a work environment is not allowed. Mini skirts, pants or skirts hanging below the waist, low-cut tops, exposed midriffs, tank tops and t-shirts with obscene slogans are all distracting and do not present a professional image. This dress code allows students to focus on what is important: THEIR EDUCATION!

Consequences for Dress Code Violations:

  1. If a student comes to school wearing inappropriate clothing, a phone call and a letter will be generated to notify the parent/guardian immediately. If possible, student will be given an item of clothing to cover up distracting outfits.
  2. A second violation will result in an in-house suspension.
  3. A third violation will result in a family conference and reevaluation of the appropriateness of the placement at Bronx Theatre High School.

We are a New Visions school and are ready to work with all students who put in the time and effort to develop their skills and to build good work habits. Our dress code is not restrictive, but allows our students to use their creativity to express themselves within appropriate parameters. We see this as an important tool in accomplishing our school's goals.

This is a requirement. There are absolutely no exceptions.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to:


  • Behave responsibly


      • Come to school everyday and report on time.
      • Communicate with advisors, administrators and other school staff regarding concerns or conflicts.
  • Come to school every day, be on time, and be prepared to work


      • Good attendance and prompt arrival at school is critical to your success at Bronx Theatre High School.
      • Have notebooks, pens, pencils, books and any other materials necessary for your education.
      • Adhere to the dress code
        • Dress for dance class. Proper dance attire includes shorts, sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts,-- sneakers or dance shoes if required.
        • Dress appropriately for set design class. Proper clothing for this class includes comfortable, old clothing that you would wear to paint and use tools.
  • Respect all of the people in the learning community


      • This includes teachers, staff and other JFK Campus community members.
  • Respect the building and the community


    1. Students should:
      • Be aware of their surroundings
      • Respect and treat the walls, furniture etc. as if it were in their own home
      • Keep the school building and it's surrounding clean and beautiful.
      • Immediately inform a staff member of anything that is out of order.
      • Carry themselves with respect for Bronx Theatre High School and for the community at large.
  • Use trained school mediators to resolve conflicts
  • Help to create and maintain a safe and pleasant environment
  • Hang hats, coats, jackets, scarves In your homeroom. Coat hooks will be assigned to you in your homeroom
  • Return all books and borrowed materials at the end of the term. All lost books, materials and equipment must be paid for in order to receive the final report card



Student Accountability